Age Management

The aging process is a natural occurrence that every person goes through. However, there are methods to slow the aging process. Age management treatment can come in the form of peptides, hair loss treatment and hormone therapy. Each treatment provides a service to help the body feel younger and function better.

Best Age Management Treatments & Products

Best Age Management Treatments & Products

American Wellness Pharmacy provides the best age management treatments and products. Peptides are a combination of amino acids that form one long amino acid chain. There are plenty of health benefits when a specific order of amino acids is introduced to the body.

Amino acids play a role in lowering blood sugar levels, promoting weight loss and increasing sexual health. When specific peptides are introduced to the body then they may provide plenty of health benefits. Contact American Wellness Pharmacy about its peptide plans. Certain peptides may help with your age management treatment.

Sexual Health Age Management Medicines

PT-141 is an age management peptide that may help your sexual health between you and your partner. Increasing your qualify of life is our goal at American Wellness Pharmacy. PT-141 is meant for men unable to keep an erection, feel a lack of desire, or feel emotional discomfort.

Benefits Of PT-141

  • Increases sexual performance and desire
  • Boosts sexual interest
  • Decreases pain during sexual intercourse
Reproductive Age Management Treatments

Reproductive Age Management Treatments

Kisspeptin plays a vital role in the reproductive system. This protein is responsible for utero sexual development and plays an essential role in sexual health. However, Kisspeptin does other important roles besides helping sexual health. This protein may prevent postpartum depression and other early-stage stress factors.

Benefits Of Kisspeptin

  • Increases libido and sexual desire
  • Decreases postpartum depression
  • Increases fertility for infertile men and women
  • Helps regulate a women’s menstrual cycle
  • Boosts natural testosterone for men and women

Why Should I Get Age Management Medicine?

Age management is important to combat the negative effects of the aging process. American Wellness Pharmacy provides the best age management medicines to help the body. Getting older is a wonderful event that brings one-of-a-kind wisdom and experience.

Anyone wanting to look younger should consider using GHK-Cu. This is a copper peptide designed to promote collagen production and elasticity. GHK-Cu has been used to treat wrinkles, skin discoloration, age spots, and scarring. Contact American Wellness Pharmacy on how to get a prescribed treatment of GHK-Cu.

Why Should I Get Age Management Medicine

Look & Feel Younger With Age

As the body gets older then the chances of hair loss may increase. Hair loss is especially important to keep track of in order to prevent balding. One medicine that may slow down the effects of hair loss is Minoxidil. This FDA-approved medicine is an orally active vasodilator.

Minoxidil works best for men under 40. This age management product may slow down hair loss and prevent receding hairlines. Minoxidil also promotes hair growth for men. Having a full head of hair is one of the best ways to look and feel younger. Overall, preventing hair loss and increasing hair growth may boost your confidence as well!

Look & Feel Younger With Age
Regain Your Life From Aging Factors

Regain Your Life From Aging Factors

Age management is one of the best ways to keep your mental and physical health in check. Your metabolism slows down with age, which increases the risk of heart disease and weight gain. MOTS-c is a peptide that may boost your energy levels, speed up recovery, increase endurance and aerobic capacity.

Anyone interested in age management products should contact American Wellness Pharmacy. Our products are designed to help anyone’s age management plan. Each treatment must be discussed by a doctor in order to find the best age management treatment.

Do All Pharmacies Specialize In Compounding?

No. Compounding is practiced by pharmacists who have been specially trained in the science of compounding. Compounding requires specialized equipment as well, which many pharmacies do not have.